Little Orchard children’s Nursery has three light, spacious rooms enabling children to learn and explore using a range of child-initiated and adult-led activities through age appropriate toys and resources.

We have designated sleep rooms/areas, nappy changing and toileting facilities. On-site kitchen where all home-made meals are prepared and a dedicated milk kitchen for storing and making babies bottles.

Throughout our rooms we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) guidance from the Department of Education, giving your child the developmental skills and confidence needed for their transition to school.

Rooms are adapted to follow each child’s unique learning styles and patterns. Ensuring they have the opportunities and experiences to develop across the 3 prime/4 specific areas of learning and development through Characteristics of Effective Learning. Children are observed, assessed and monitored to support individual next steps and room planning using different approaches to challenge their current learning. Your child’s learning and development with be shared with you through an online digital learning journal called Capture Education.

We are currently running a COVID-19 secure nursery environment. If you would like to see our COVID-19 Policy or any other policy please contact us via the ‘contact us’ button.


Ladybirds babies are aged between 3-15 months. Our emphasis is on the holistic child developing personal, social and emotional skills in a safe and caring environment whilst supporting their individual needs. We believe care routines are an important part of growth and development allowing babies to have the opportunity to learn about themselves and others, providing a sense of stability, security and the feeling of warmth.


Pippins children are generally aged between 1-3 years old. Like ladybirds, Pippins focus on personal, social and emotional development alongside physical, communication and language skills. Pippins’ environment supports children in their growing awareness of themselves as individuals and their ability to relate with others developing own independence and self- help skills.


Saplings children are generally aged between 2 ½ – 4 years old. Saplings have the free flow space, time and freedom to develop their concentration, self-discipline and to strike a balance between self-chosen and adult-led activities. Saplings also provide an environment that will stimulate the children’s ability to make choices and grow independently.

Outside Areas

The outside play garden includes a wealth of toys, mud kitchen, tree den, growing pots, climbing equipment, bike track and a large covered water/sand play area.

In addition we have a covered patio/outside play classroom which allows the children access in all weathers and a separate inside water play area for all to use.

Together we build a learning journey for your child which includes their interests and achievements through observations, photographs and extending their experiences both at nursery and at home.

Funding when eligible is available for:

  • EYE 2 year old funding- 15 hours
  • EYE 3 year old funding- universal 15 hours + Additional 15 hours = 30 hours funding
  • Early Years Pupil Premium funding
  • Tax-free childcare / Childcare vouchers

We offer15/30 hour funding ‘stretched’ (50 weeks) and a new ‘term time only option’ (38 weeks).

For more information www.childcarechoices.gov.uk